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E-ink Tablets: The advantages of frontlight instead of backlight.

E-ink Tablets: The advantages of frontlight instead of backlight.

You're engrossed in online articles on your tablet, only to find your eyes becoming increasingly dry and the words blurring on the screen. It's clear that you have no choice but to shut down the device to relieve your tired eyes. One of the main reasons for this discomfort is the backlight emanating from the screen.

The Tale of Two Lights: Backlight vs. Front Light

Digital devices generally produce two kinds of light: backlight and front light. Both aim to improve content readability, yet they differ in functionality and their impact on your eyes.

Backlighting is found behind LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens and is common in smartphones, computers, and televisions. A series of LEDs beneath the liquid crystal panel projects light directly into your eyes. Extended exposure to this type of bright light is likely to cause eye discomfort.

In contrast, front light illuminates E Ink screens from the side of the device's bezel, casting light evenly over the content. The light you experience is reflected from the screen in the same way ambient light is. Because front light is gentler and more balanced, it enhances your reading and writing experience without compromising eye comfort.

The Science Behind BOOX's Front Light Choice

Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health conducted studies on human retinal cells, revealing that reactive oxygen species (ROS)—a metabolic byproduct—accumulate more slowly when exposed to front-lit ePaper screens than to back-lit LCD screens. This means that front-lit devices are two to three times less harmful to your eyes, prompting BOOX to opt for front light in their products.

To prevent any lag in writing experience due to the introduction of front light, BOOX innovated by reducing the industry-standard light guide layer from 0.47mm to a super-thin 0.25mm in their Tab Ultra model. This 50% reduction ensures quick screen responsiveness and a natural handwriting feel.

Bright Ideas: The Advantages of Front Light

BOOX offers both cold and warm front lighting options. During the day, the white cold light enhances the clarity of your notes and sketches. As evening sets in, warm amber light minimizes blue light exposure, reducing eye strain. The brightness level is also customizable, allowing for optimal comfort.

An ePaper tablet with front lighting can be used in various settings: whether you're in a dimly lit garden, on a train passing through a tunnel, or in a café lit only by candles. The versatility of front-lit devices also means you'll enjoy better sleep quality, as they emit less sleep-disrupting blue light compared to conventional back-lit screens.

In Conclusion

In our digitally driven world, reducing screen time is easier said than done. However, our quest for knowledge and entertainment shouldn't compromise our well-being. E Ink devices with front lighting offer a solution that combines readability and eye comfort. They're designed for any lighting condition, and they won't hinder your journey into restful sleep, night after night.

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