Huion - Kamvas 24 Plus

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A new level of clarity.

With a 23.8inch wide screen, Kamvas 24 Plus not only ensures clear and crisp picture presentation but also prevents interruptedly zooming in or out of the canvas.

See the world and its real colors.

Kamvas 24 Plus that adopts the quantum dot technology boasts an improved color gamut of 140% sRGB, which further enhances the color performance. Additionally, 2.5K QHD resolution enables all colors to be presented lively.

Comfortable vision and clear display.

The quantum dot technology helps to increase the color rendering index of Kamvas 24 Plus, making the color display more natural and balanced. The quantum dot technology can also filter out the harmful blue light to protect user's eyes.

View your creation from different angle.

178° wide viewing angle ensures clear and vivid visual effects of your works even when looking at the screen from sideways.

Full lamination, full creation.

With a fully-laminated screen, Kamvas 24 Plus enables a better creation experience with minimized parallax and better accuracy. Additionally, the anti-glare etched glass can not only alleviate the glare but also bring a pen-on-paper drawing experience.

Your creativity can be fully presented.

To bring users more realistic drawing experience, digital pen PW517 that developed based on PenTech3.0 is introduced. With a stable and improved pen nib, the digital pen ensures flexible and natural drawing experience.

Set your imagination free.

Kamvas 24 Plus features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and rapid report rate, allowing users to draw lines with different widths and thickness. Your work hence can be more vibrant.

Tilt your pen and feel the flexibility.

Kamvas 24 Plus enables users to tilt the pen at about ±60° to realize various drawing techniques such as shading, sketching or edging.

Ports for more possibilities.

Kamvas 24 Plus features two USB-C ports, one for three-in-one cable and one for USB-C to USB-C cable, allowing users to explore more possibilities via the connection to computer, laptop, and Android phone/ tablet. A USB-A port is also designed for connecting keyboard, USB flash disk, etc.

Accessory to boost productivity.

Users can tilt the stand to find a more comfortable position during creation. Besides, a mini Keydial KD100 is recommended to work together with the pen display for better productivity.

Strong compatibility.

Kamvas 24 Plus is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android, as well as most mainstream design and drawing software.