Huion - Kamvas 22 Plus

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Eye-Care Screen with Minimized Blue Light

Application of quantum dot technology not only enables 140% sRGB color gamut and vivid color presentation, but also minimizes the release of harmful blue light.

AG-glass with Pen-On-Paper Drawing Experience

A fully laminated screen can minimize cursor movement, and a chemically etched glass can lighten the glare and provide a pen-to-paper drawing experience.

1080P Full HD Vision

178° wide viewing angle combined with 1920×1080 screen resolution makes it possible to fully reveal details in different directions without distorting the image and colour presentation.

8192 pen pressure levels and improved pen technology.

Enhanced pen technology of the digital pen PW517, developed based on PenTech3.0, ensures that users have a more stable drawing experience and that the lines created can be displayed organically and accurately with 8192 pen pressure levels.

System Support

Windows (7 and later), mac OS (10.12 and later) and Android (USB3.1 GEN1 & DP1.2) are supported, compatible with all major mainstream painting and design software (such as PS, SAI, AI, CDR).