Huion - Kamvas Pro 24 QHD

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2.5K screen resolution to expand your viewing experience 

The Kamvas Pro 24 QHD boasts a 2.5K display resolution which enables clear and sharp picture presentation on the 23.8” panel. Even the most subtle details can be presented crisply. In addition, the contrast ratio of 1000:1 that makes black and gray hues darker helps to improve the gradation of the picture.

The Drawing Experience

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity enables every handwriting strokes input with different levels of pressure can be accurately sensed and therefore ensuring the smoothness and consistency of each line drawn. The 266PPS report rate has been further improved to ensure instant capture of every pen movement without any lagging. Extra wide viewing angle of 178° ensures clear and beautiful image display effects without color shifts. Tilt support enables the cursor to follow your pen nib tightly even when the pen tilt in ±60°.

The Pen - PW517

The EMR technology frees your pen from battery and charge. Apart from being energy saving and environmentally friendly, it provides a more accurate and natural drawing experience. The pen and tablet can respond to each other within 10mm of sensing distance.

Express Keys and Stand

20 press keys located on the both sides of the screen are programmable, while the nearby touch bar can be used for canvas zooming, brush adjusting and page scrolling. The stand is easy to operate and stable to use, which allows users to pull the slider bar and adjust the pen tablet from 20° to 80° for a comfortable working position.

System Support

Windows (7 and later) and mac OS (10.12 and later) are supported, compatible with all major mainstream painting and design software (such as PS, SAI, AI, CDR).